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An architect is a qualified, insured professional licensed by the French “Ordre des Architectes”. Architects design your project and assist you with all the permits required before starting any works. They handle planning and coordination of the works.

Good reasons to partner with an architect:

  • An architect provides a global approach for your renovation project in Paris, considering all aspects of a renovation project
  • Architects builds your project based on your taste, budget and lifestyle. They can work on a full construction project or an extension of your existing space (residential or commercial). They can maximize the volume of your space, for example by working on adding an extra floor.
  • Any architect is liable for the full duration of the mission, as a qualified, licenced and insured professional Through their hands on experience, architects can assist you with administrative work: application for a new construction permit, preliminary description of the work.
  • Thanks to their expertise, they can anticipate any constraints and necessary work needed before starting any construction or renovation: technical constraints (load-bearing walls, plumber work, electrical plans), specialized engineers, budget planning and optimizing, best choice for building materials
  • An architect is your best partner to advise you on the project feasibility according to the rules and regulations in place, the space potential, your needs, purposes and budget
  • They know the marketplace in the Paris Area really well and can help you choose the best building contractors. They help you assessing quotes from these contractors and specialized engineers (or any other suppliers)
  • They will share several project documents (maps, sketches, 3D views) in order for you to visualise your future construction or extension project.

Commercial construction and renovation:

An architect is qualified to answer professionals and businesses' needs. They can manage a construction or renovation project for your business premises: office, shop, hotel restaurant or any other commercial space that your clients or collaborators visit.

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The 5 steps of an architectural project in Paris

Prior to the renovation, construction, extension or floor addition, the architect offers you a customized project manual for your residential or commercial project. She/he helps you finetune your project and will assist you in choosing suppliers and monitoring the quality of the execution, making sure it is carried out according to all rules and regulations in place.

First step – Initial interview

  • The architect collects information about your needs, personal taste and budget.
  • Architects often go beyond your initial idea by unveiling all the potential of your commercial or residential project, which could be a renovation, a new construction, an extension or a new floor.

Second step - Initial project specifications, feasibility, schematic design and design development

The architect gathers required documents related to the construction and specifies the general orientation of the changes in compliance with the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) for your project in Paris.

  • Suggestion of overall architectural project orientation, dimensions and the way the internal volumes will be articulated. You validate the main aspects.
  • Preparation of layout plans, elevation plans and section plans that will be uses during the execution stage.
  • If necessary, organisation of a meeting with the urban planning department in Paris or surrounding cities.
  • Advice and assistance during the meetings with specialized engineers and consultants about thermic and environmental specifications.

Third step – Application for a construction permit

  • Delivery by the architect of 2D & 3D sketches and all other documents required to prepare the application for the building permit, according to the latest local rules and regulations.
  • Assistance with all the mandatory paperwork preparation, by giving you all the information about this important preliminary work.
  • After you sign all the specification documents, including 2D and 3D sketches, the architect accompanies you to the nearest administrative office to drop off the application for a building permit.
  • After the permit application have been filed, the architect helps you follow up with the administrative office (emails, permit granting, regulatory notice board).

Fourth step – Detailed project specifications, bidding, work finetuning

  • The architect completes the initial specifications with details about the plans and produces a checklist of required changes. This package will be shares with several contractors for pricing offers.
  • After contractors send their quotes, the architect will go through them with you and share some advice to find the best value for money.

Fifth step – Execution, coordination and construction follow up

  • Before starting any construction work, the architect will help you sign quotes and will plan the construction process.
  • During the execution stage, there will be weekly meetings which will follow with written reports on the works progress.
  • The architect controls the works after delivery, by performing quality control checks and by making sure that the results comply to all construction specifications, design orientation and rules and regulations.

Architect fees in Paris (VAT exclusive)

You can decide to partner with an architect for one step of your project only.

First step – initial interview – €80 VAT exclusive per hour (then deducted from the specifications phase)

  • For a full mission, architect fees correspond to 11 to 15% of the total amount of contractors’ quotes (VAT exclusive), depending on the complexity of the project.
  • By the end of the initial interview, you will get a rough estimation of the total cost of construction work for your project. This estimation is a simple preliminary information so that you know what to expect. It has no contract value.
  • Architect fees for the second, third and fourth steps will be calculated step by step based on the estimated volume of work and quotes.
  • The fees for the fifth step will be adjusted when the actual amount is stated in the contractor's quote.

Second step - Initial project specifications, feasibility, schematic design and design development

  • 30% of 11 to 15% of the total amount of contractors’ quotes

Third step - Application for a construction permit

  • 10% of 11 to 15% of the total amount of contractors’ quotes

Fourth step - Project study, bidding, fine-tuning of the work

  • 25% of 11 to 15% of the total amount of contractors’ quotes

Fifth step - Execution, coordination and construction follow up

  • 35% (balance) of 11 to 15% of the total amount of contractors’ quotes, invoiced monthly for the actual duration of the works.

Example for a full mission

  • First step : 80€ / heure (deducted from the specifications phase)

Our experience makes it possible to define average intervention prices regularly applied. Thus for a new construction, an extension or an elevation, the average cost observed per m² is from €2,500.

For an extension of 32m² with an amount of work estimated at €80,000 VAT exclusive (32m² x €2,500 / m²), we use for the example a fee rate of 12%.

  • Second step : 30 % of €9,600 = €2,880€
  • Third step : 10 % of €9,600 = €960€
  • Fourth step : 25 % of €9,600 = €2,400€

Actual works amount: €77,600.

The full mission will be invoiced €9,312 (12% of €77,600).

  • Fifth étape : 35% of €9,312 = €3,072 - balance of contractors’ actual invoiced work

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